Posted 27 Aug

6 Tips for Finding the Motivation You Need for Self-Improvement


The self-improvement industry is booming. Every day you see people reading and downloading books on how to have better relationships, improve their health, or just feel happier in their day-to-day lives.

But just because you read a book or watch a video, doesn’t mean your life will automatically transform. It takes hard work and perseverance. It also takes motivation.

Trying to find the motivation to improve your life can be difficult. Even when you don’t like where your life is currently leading you. Which is why we’re sharing 6 tips for finding the motivation you need to start improving your life today. Read on, this may change your life.


Finding the Motivation You Need

When you’re starting out on the path towards a happier, healthier life it’s kind of confusing. You’d think there would be a well-lit path towards enlightenment but that’s rarely the case.

So the first thing you need to do is to want to change. No one changes unless they truly want to. And it’s okay not to want to change. It’s also okay to not be ready to change.

Keep in mind that change is hard, even when you want to change and even when it’s to achieve a better life. However, when you are ready to change, these next actionable steps are very necessary. 

Figure Out Your Priorities

You can’t change until you figure out what’s truly important to you. That’s where you find the motivation. When you really, truly know what you want from life.

Say you’re looking to drop a few pounds. Have you ever thought of the reasons why you really want to lose that weight? Is it really just to look great in a pair of jeans? And if it is, is fitting into those jeans really enough motivation to get you to lose the weight?

A better idea is to sit down and list what you really want out of life. Then dig deeper. You say you want to lose weight to fit into your jeans, but isn’t the real truth that you want to look and feel confident and healthy?

Jeans go in and out of style but feeling your best every single day and getting the most out of your life never will. So once you know your real reasons why you want to improve your life, you need to set healthy boundaries. 

Set Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is extremely vital to keeping up the motivation to make changes. However, when you know what your true “why” is, it becomes easier to set and keep these boundaries.

Say you’re motivated to get and stay organized. You want less clutter in your life because you know it’s going to help you become a better student. You also know that clutter leads to depression, anxiety, and overwhelm. 

But how do you set healthy boundaries? And more importantly, how do you find the motivation to stick with them? Especially when you’re having a bad day?

When you keep focused on your priorities, it’s easier to set and keep boundaries. So for clutter, your boundaries would be focused on what items you are keeping in your home. 

Which means that each time you go shopping, you need to remember your priorities. Asking these questions to yourself can help:

  • Will this make my life better?
  • Is this in alignment with my priorities?
  • Am I having a bad day?

Often, when we’re having a bad day, it makes sticking to our guns that much harder. However, when you recognize you’re having a bad day, you can take action to help improve your situation. Like resting, deep breathing, or taking a walk.

Make Better Decisions

It’s so much easier to know how to make good decisions when you know what your priorities are. The boundaries you set up will also help you make good decisions.

Good decisions lead to happier and better outcomes. When that happens, it’s easy to find the motivation to keep going. You’re actually seeing results! 

So if you want to have better studying habits because you want a future as a doctor, you set up boundaries around how your time is spent. That would then help you make smart decisions like going to the bed at the same time every night for better rest. 

Remember that making good decisions is like getting to Carnegie Hall. It takes practice to get good at it.

Set Up Effective Systems

Once things start going well for you, it’s important to start seeing where you can make your life easier. That means setting up effective systems.

You can set up systems with anything in your life. Say you have a habit of losing your keys in your home. One easy way to set up a system to help you never forget is to place a bowl near your front door. 

However, when you set up systems, you have to use them. Otherwise, they won’t work. Eventually, though, a well-developed system will help you save time and a lot of energy.

Trust Your Gut

Listen to your inner-self. You know what to do. It’s usually just fear, shame, or guilt guiding you off the path you deserve to be on. So listen to the voice in your head that tells you to keep going. 

The motivation your inner-guidance system can give you is priceless. It just takes a little time and practice to know whether your inner voice is your ego or your intuition.

Never Give Up

In the end, the motivation is found by never giving up. Even when it gets hard. Really, really hard. Because it will get hard. 

Sometimes you’ll find yourself taking a step or two in the right direction. Then suddenly, without warning, you’re tossed back what seems like 10 steps. It’s hard to get back up and keep going.

But you HAVE to do it. Because you’re worth it.

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