Posted 27 Aug

7 Amazing Side Effects of Personal Happiness

personal happiness

What makes you feel really happy?

Is it your spouse or your kids? Your job? Maybe you think your happiness comes from the car you drive or the house where you live.

You’re wrong. True happiness comes from within your inner self. And true happiness has great impact on your life.

Happy people know that life is all about living in the present moment and taking careful consideration of what we allow in our lives. Personal happiness is acquired over time as we train our thoughts and emotions to reflect positively in even the smallest details of our everyday routines.

What some people may not know are the life changing effects happiness actually has, not only for yourself but also those that you surround yourself with.

Let’s take a look at what personal happiness can and does do for you.


Improve Your Health

Researchers have been trying to find the links between happiness and health for about twenty years and they’ve come to several leading conclusions. Happiness is not only good for you, it can improve your internal functions to combat diseases like cancer and heart attacks.

People that are happy have lower blood pressure and overall strengthened immune function as found over the course of these several studies. These studies report that the happiest participants had healthier hearts and appeared more resistant to colds and diseases.

It’s an extraordinary finding and it’s not the only thing that improves with happiness. With improved health also comes a healthier way of thinking.

Improve Your Frame of Thinking

When you’re truly happy, within yourself, you have learned to stop seeking approval from others. You’ve learned to set strict boundaries both for yourself and those you choose to associate with. When you’re engaging in personal happiness, you feel more in charge of your life and therefore make more courageous and conscious decisions.

As a happy person, your frame of thinking is positive and less dominating. There is less pressure to make difficult decisions because you already know how to define the happiness that will result from those decisions.

As a result of happy thoughts, you will learn how to make choices that reflect upon your own personal happiness. This will enable you to create a better relationship with yourself and help you to focus on your life goals.


Personal happiness broadens your ability to focus on things that matter.

Think of it this way: think about how you feel and think when you’re angry about something. The thoughts are narrow and the source of frustration seems large and overwhelming. Your mind is racing and focused on destruction.

Now, what happens when you get excited about something? You probably feel free and light with an open mind that is freely flowing with ideas and intellect.

For happy people, focus is an integral part of their being. Honing in on specific events or relationships becomes easier and more natural.

Build Your Resources

When you’re immersed in positivity, it reflects in your physical body, your intellectual brain and the people you associate with.

Happiness seeps into everything that you do so that your physical body is getting the exercise it needs. Perhaps you enjoy a round of golf each week or running with a partner. Your happiness literally helps you build stronger muscles and reduce risks for disease.

When you’re happy, your relationships are happier too. People gravitate toward each other at levels of emotion, happiness included. The happier you are, the happier people you will find near you.

Throughout these relationships and physical improvements, your mind processes will also improve. Positive thinking enhances the ability to learn and retain information thereby increasing your intellectual frame of mind.

Improve Relationships

When you’re healthy and happy it becomes much easier to retain and gain relationships that have good qualities because your happiness is influential.

When you’re already happy within yourself, you will learn to stop seeking happiness in your relationships. Alleviating this responsibility from both yourself and those you surround yourself with will relieve stress and anxiety.

Personal happiness can abound without a lot of personal relationships, too. Feelings of desperation and sadness will disappear into the shadows along with self-doubt and other negative emotions, whether you surround yourself with several or few people that share the same feelings.

No Stress

Just as happiness improves your overall health functions, so it does your stress levels.

Numerous studies have been conducted to find the correlation between stress and how it affects people negatively. Included in these studies are the findings of happier people over less happy people and their ability to handle stress, and the effects that lowered stress has on their health.

Everybody gets stressed from time to time. Happy people just deal with it better.

Live Longer

Because you’re happy and healthy also means you get to live longer!

With a properly functioning immune system, less reaction to stress, improved relationships, and overall health, your body is tempered to live a longer life.

These are scientific findings that are simply irrefutable. They have been measured and calculated over the course of several studies that are proving more and more what happiness does for the mind, body, and soul.

Finding Your Personal Happiness

You can always find your own personal happiness, even when you really think you can’t. Or that you’ve tried and failed enough so that you’ve given up.

It’s deep within you and plays an important role in the functions of your life. Seeing is believing, and belief alone can have an immensely positive effect on your overall well-being as we’ve learned here.

If you’ve come to a point in your life where you’d like to achieve personal happiness or perhaps you want to seek for the deeper meanings of your current state of happiness, contact us! We know that personal happiness is achieved one step at a time and the great benefits it has on our lives.