Posted 27 Aug

7 Habits to Include in Your Self Improvement Plan


Do you want to improve yourself?

Most people would say, “Yes, of course I do”. However, putting that desire into action is what they have trouble with.

A huge number of decisions we make — 40 percent! — aren’t actually decisions. We do a lot of things out of habit, and many of these habits are negative or unproductive.

The good news is, we can form new ones. However, in order to make a permanent change, we need the right tools.

If you’re looking to make a change, here are seven habits you can use in your self improvement plan today to start seeing results.


1. Create a Physical Self Improvement Plan

The benefits of exercise are huge, both in the short and long term. Anyone who is serious about a self improvement plan must include exercise as a regular activity.

The internal benefits include improving your immune system, and mental health, as well as giving your self image a boost. After all, looking good helps you feel good.

On the other hand you’ll see an improvement in your body as you get in top shape physically and improve your health. Get started by working out at least two days a week, and the routine becomes easier as you get used to it.

Richard Branson, one of the most successful people in the world, incorporates exercise into his daily routine, and so should you.

2. Define Your Goals Clearly

A life led by goals is one that is happy and fulfilled. So take the time to determine which goals are important for you to achieve in your self improvement plan.

As an example, a practical exercise can include asking yourself, “Do I want to advance to a higher level in my current career, or do I want to change to a more profitable or meaningful one?”

Another one is the perfect day” exercise. Jot down your detailed idea of a perfect day, with every hour accounted for. Then, the next logical step is forming a plan to achieve that perfect day and have every action you take bring you one step closer to it.

Define exactly what you want in life at this stage and you now have a roadmap to guide you as you move forward.

3. Prioritize These Goals and Plan Ahead

Successful people don’t just leave things up to chance, they plan ahead. You, like most people, probably have limited time and/or resources.

Look over the items in the list of goals you created in the previous step. Now determine the most important goal(s) and then direct your energy and resources according to each one’s significance.

Breaking down each step necessary to get you closer to your plan means you are taking incremental actions that add up to success.

Use a smartphone with a reminders app to keep an easily accessible list you can refer to throughout the day. Do this over and over until the habit becomes natural and you will develop a system that works for you.

4. Acquire New Knowledge

We are lucky enough to live in an age where unlimited information is at our fingertips. You have access to more words of wisdom than anyone at any point in history before.

Warren Buffett is one example of a successful billionaire who believes in the power of reading and learning. He advises people to “Read 500 pages…every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.”

Reading and acquiring new knowledge is a must for anyone who is serious about their self improvement plan, and imitating Buffett’s habit can give you a larger vocabulary and more world knowledge. It can even lead to you examining your belief system.

5. Manage Your Time Better

The time we have is our most precious resource and when we master that we take control of our days.

Take charge of your schedule right now and maximize the amount of productivity you get out of each day. Well-known entrepreneur Elon Musk schedules his days in five minute intervals to ensure no time is wasted. However, you don’t have to be that extreme!

A large part of schedule shifting starts when you redefine what you “must” do. You may have a habit at work of calling to check in with a particular department, even though you get a detailed report from them.

When you eliminate things that aren’t a “must” you suddenly realize you don’t need more than 24 hours in a day if you manage them right.

6. Be Accountable to Yourself and Others

Timelines and deadlines help you to avoid procrastinating and ensure you get to your goals in the shortest amount of time possible. In order to avoid putting things off until the next week or next year, a little bit of pressure can be a good thing.

The pressure shouldn’t be overdone, it can include encouragement from your family or friends, fellow users on an online forum, or even a neighborhood group. Having others who will be disappointed if you don’t achieve your goals is a strong positive motivator.

7. Act on Your Professional Development

The main area that people feel themselves stagnating in is their professional life. Are you stuck in a job you don’t like?

Do something to improve it now, and make a change that will be an important part of your self improvement plan. Start acquiring skills in the area you are passionate about. Look for classes or courses you can take online, since many on the internet are free.

If you do like the industry you’re currently in, then look at ways to strengthen, improve and enhance your current skills.

Next Steps in Your Self Improvement Plan

Hopefully, you now have the tools and understanding to start a new and improved life.

But all of us could use some help in our journey.

If you’re ready to begin the next step in your self improvement plan get in touch with us today and get an Avatar Master to contact you.