Your Free Avatar Information Pack Includes:

What Is Avatar?
A short brochure that answers the questions: What is Avatar? How does Avatar work? What makes Avatar different? Why do I need Avatar? What can I expect from the Avatar Course? Included are descriptions of Sections I, II and III of The Avatar Course.

Avatar: Practical & Mystical
An article by Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials, that shows how the results of doing Avatar change your life in both practical and mystical ways.

Ten Actions You Can Do Today To Start Taking Back Your Life
The most important lessons you can learn are already contained in your own consciousness. This small booklet contains ten specialized exercises based on the Avatar Course procedures. They are designed to help you unlock your own lessons.

Special Gift: Avatar Compassion Card
The Avatar Compassion Project has the goal of increasing the amount of compassion in the world. Over one million Avatar Compassion Cards have been given to people around the world, and now it’s our gift to you!