Posted 27 Aug

How to Attract Good Luck & Improve Your Life

feelin lucky

We all have a friend who seems to have a touch of magic. They can always find a parking spot or all red lights turn to green when they drive by.

What if that could be you? What if there’s something you can do to have things go your way?

If you want to learn how to attract good luck, you’re in the right place. We’ve got tons of tips and tricks that will help invite a little good fortune into your life!


Does Luck Come Down To A Science?

Let’s define luck. It’s essentially a series of fortunate events that don’t seem to be connected to anything else.

Does that mean luck is just random? Research suggests that when you try to break it down into observable chunks, you’ll come up with a few solutions.

One involved confirmation bias. If you said you were lucky, you would cherry pick memories to prop up your ideas.

Another idea about where luck comes from involves anxiety. This principle states that people who don’t consider themselves lucky are anxious and it distracts them from the good things going on.

Whether it’s recognition or kismet, there are ways to increase your good vibes.

Keep Your Friends Close

Luck really does rub off. The more friends you surround yourself with, the more likely you are to experience something good.

Here’s how it works: sometimes, luck comes down to who you know.

Let’s say you’ve got a pal who has reservations at a nice restaurant. At the last minute, someone cancels, and voila! There’s an opening just for you!

Wouldn’t you think that’s lucky?

Alternately, if something bad happens, you’re more likely to have someone near and dear to you that can help you out.

Go With Your Gut

Have you ever had a feeling that tells you to do something or stay away from somewhere? It’s almost like an inner voice that watches out for you.

Tapping into your inner voice could be the key to learning how to attract good luck!

Listen to your gut when it comes to making decisions. When you take away the distractions and expectations of others, you’ll learn to trust your instinct to find what’s best for you.

Think Positive!

When you think positive, you’ll see more possibilities in life. Those possibilities can lead to great things – like a good luck magnet!

For example, you want to win the lottery, but you’ve told yourself you’ll never win. You don’t buy a ticket so you miss out on scoring the jackpot.

Staying positive will help you out during bad times, too. Whatever rain cloud darkens your day, you’ll easily see the silver lining.

Believe that good things will happen. Take a chance and it might pay off!

Be Fierce

Probably one of the hardest ways to attract luck is to face your fears. It is, however, one of the most rewarding.

Know the saying, “go big or go home?” That’s what it takes to be lucky.

Sometimes you’ll need to face down your fears to get what you really want out of life. Take some risks and you might find Lady Luck smiling down on you.

Stay In School

Think school ends once you get your high school diploma or graduate from college? Think again!

Those that are lucky never stop learning. Life is your university and class is in session!

Keep questioning things. Find out why things happen. Learn everything you can about a situation.

You’ll find new ways of putting two and two together, which increases your outcomes, which increase your luck.

Discovering how to attract good luck is a life-long quest. Keep learning!

Figure Out The Odds

Before you make a big decision, try to figure out your chances of success. Knowing the odds or trying to work out if things will go your way is one way to get lucky.

Avoiding scenarios that are likely to fail gives you a leg up on succeeding. With more success, you’ll feel luckier for sure.

This method takes a little work. You’ll have to do some research before every decision, but it’s well worth it.

Visualize Luck

Want to be lucky? See yourself as lucky!

This is a bit of a “fake it till you make it” technique, but it doesn’t hurt to try it out.

See yourself getting that big promotion, going on a date with your crush, or winning a medal. Whatever outcome you’re looking for, see it in your mind’s eye first.

From there, your confidence will grow. It’s like practicing for the real thing in a virtual world.

Once you can picture it clearly, you can start reverse engineering the steps you must take.


Have you ever been held back by the ghosts of your past failures? It’s common for people to fear messing up again.

If you embrace your past mistakes and learn to relax, you can be more in the moment.

From there, you won’t make decisions based on fear of failure. You’ll try things you wouldn’t normally, and find new success and luck.


Another great secret regarding how to attract good luck involves talking yourself up.

Remember when we suggested visualization? Affirmations work much in the same way.

If you want to be confident, tell yourself that you are – even if you don’t believe it at first. Eventually, after repeating your confident mantra, you’ll feel stronger!

Ready to make your own affirmation? Keep it present tense, positive, and in the first person.

Need inspiration? Try “I am lucky”!

Now You Know How To Attract Good Luck

Now that you’ve got a bunch of techniques to try, you’re sure to get lucky soon! It does take a little bit of work, so stay focused on your prize and practice every day.

Still looking to invite more good fortune into your world? We’ve got lots of information that will help you tap into your best self!

If you’re ready to live your best – and luckiest – life, you can learn more here!