Owning your life

The Value of Owning Your Life (And Your Mistakes)

Posted 19 Aug

The Value of Owning Your Life (And Your Mistakes) Is there anyone reading this that doesn’t want to have a happier life? Some people may be “okay with the way things are going.” But, they aren’t truly satisfied with what they’re doing. How do you feel about owning your life? What do… Read more

Finding inner peace

Finding Inner Peace & 10 Reasons Why It Really Matters

Posted 19 Aug

Finding Inner Peace & 10 Reasons Why It Really Matters We live in a fast-paced, digitized world.  While this can be great for many reasons, it’s not always the best environment for finding inner peace. And it doesn’t help that our society is constantly pressuring us to elevate our careers… Read more

Enlightened consciousness

Enlightened Consciousness: An Awakening Right for You

Posted 19 Aug

Enlightened Consciousness: An Awakening Right for You Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. —Adyashanti, American spiritual teacher, author, speaker Enlightenment is defined as “the state of having understanding”; consciousness as “the state of being aware.”  Enlightened consciousness, then, is a phrase that might be interpreted as “the understanding of awareness.”… Read more

Positive mental shifts edit

7 Positive Mental Shifts to Instantly Enhance Your Life

Posted 19 Aug

7 Positive Mental Shifts to Instantly Enhance Your Life It’s easy to become consumed by daily obligations and feel fatigued and stressed. This cycle is problematic, as stress can significantly negatively impact your physical and mental health. In order to properly balance living in a sometimes chaotic world, it is important… Read more

World Map

Posted 23 May

  International Directory of Avatar Masters <?php include (‘js/world/world.php’);?> To search for a Master in your area click on a country above;you can also choose one of the regional / translated websites: Australia & New Zealand  •  Dutch  • German  • Italian  • Japanese  • Korean  • Portuguese Click here to have an Avatar Master… Read more


Books & Publications

Posted 19 Apr

 Books & Publications Harry Palmer has written a number of books about Avatar®.  Below you will find a short description of each book’s contents and indicative pricing for supply to Australia, New Zealand or USA (excluding freight/postage). To place an order send:– Your Name– Postal Address– Mobile Number– Email– Method… Read more

No Master

Posted 22 Nov

There are no currently licensed Masters in our Directory for this location. Click here to search the map again. Click here to download a free Avatar Information pack in various languages. Click here to have an Avatar Master contact you.


Posted 26 Jun

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Tome el siguiente paso

Posted 27 Aug

Si el Curso Avatar® suena interesante para usted, el siguiente paso es completar el siguiente formulario. Un Maestro Avatar pondremos en contacto para que puedas experimentar los ejercicios por sí mismo. O haga clic aquí para buscar un Maestro Avatar en su área


Posted 27 Aug

Decídete Grabado en vivo como Harry Palmer, autor de los materiales Avatar, habló con el Curso Avatar Internacional el 30 de junio de 2007 en Orlando, Florida. Ir más allá de la evolución lineal con un paso al costado en la exploración y comprensión de la relación entre sus creencias… Read more


Private Lessons Now Available!

Posted 15 Aug

New From Harry Palmer! Altamonte Springs, Florida February 11, 2013 — Harry Palmer, the author of the Avatar materials, has just released his ninth book, The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons. This book contains 74 individual lessons, broken into eight broad categories, that were inspired by the advanced Avatar materials.… Read more

The decision to be happy

Posted 15 Aug

Dear Harry, And Avra too. I suddenly realized at The Avatar Course that I can make the decision to be happy whatever is happening in my life! That is true for the rest of my lifetime. I am so grateful to be able to work with the Avatar materials… Read more

Fai Esperienza di Avatar

Posted 26 Jul

Fai Esperienza di Avatar La Sezione I del Corso Avatar è anche chiamata RiEmergere®. RiEmergere è offerto in un Laboratorio dal formato conveniente di due giorni e contiene informazioni, dimostrazioni ed esercizi esperienziali per risvegliarti alle illimitate possibilità di vivere deliberatamente. Puoi sperimentare tre potenti esercizi di RiEmergere proprio adesso. … Read more


Posted 26 Jul

經驗阿梵達 第一階段阿梵達課程也稱作再現人生®。再現人生提供了一個兩天可負擔的工作坊,裡面包含了資訊、示範與經驗式的練習,喚醒無限的可能,能夠充滿企圖地故意生活。 現在你可以經驗三個再現人生課程中強而有力的練習。請按下面播放鍵。阿梵達教材的作者 – 哈利帕爾默將會指導你。 練習19 – 這個與那個 (長 2:33) 目標:呈現改變觀點的效果。預期結果:新的啟發,增加個人的責任感。 下載 練習26 -擴展練習 (長 2:59) 目標:經歷擴展與整合的經驗。預期結果:新的領悟,重修舊好。 下載 練習17 -慈悲練習 (長 3:11) 目標:增加全世界的慈悲含量。預期結果:增加內心的平和。 下載 如果想要探索更多阿梵達課程,請按這裡與一位距離你最近的阿梵達領袖連絡。  


United States and Canada

Posted 17 Jul

United States and Canada < Search World Map  Canada    Nova Scotia <?php include (‘js/usa/usa.php’);?>


South America

Posted 17 Jul

South America < Search World Map    Brazil    Mexico    Venezuela    


Posted 17 Jul

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Posted 17 Jul

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Posted 17 Jul

Asia < Search World Map  Japan 日本の  South Korea 대한민국  Taiwan 台灣

Inscribirse en el curso

Posted 13 Jul

Inscribirse en el curso If the Avatar® Course sounds interesting to you, the next step is to complete the form below. An Avatar Master will get in touch so you can experience the exercises for yourself.  


El Proyecto Avatar de Compasión

Posted 10 Jul

  Ordena las Tarjetas de Compasión de Avatar(*sitio en inglés) El Reto Un millón de Tarjetas de Compasión entregadas a desconocidos antes de octubre de 2010. ¡ALCANZADO! Dos millones de Tarjetas de Compasión entregadas a desconocidos antes de octubre de 2011. ¡ALCANZADO! Tarjetas de Compasión entregadas por el *Equipo de Compasión… Read more

Avatar Information Pack – Chinese

Posted 28 Oct

存在與生活的差別是擁有朋友,資源與一個清晰的路徑。   全世界超過十萬人使用阿梵達的工具來創造他們渴望的人生。   如果你想要探索看看這個會對你產生什麼作用的話,點下列的連結,我們將會送你一個資訊組合,裡面包含這些特別的禮物: 這些是你會得到的: 什麼是阿梵達?一個小冊子能回答這個問題:什麼是阿梵達?阿梵達怎麼產生作用?什麼使得阿梵達和別的東西不一樣?為什麼我需要阿梵達?我可以從阿梵達課程裡期待什麼?還包括阿梵達課程的二、三階段的介紹。   阿梵達:實際&神祕哈利.帕爾默(阿梵達教材的作者)所寫的文章,說明阿梵達將如何既實際又神祕地改變你的生命。   十個你今天就可以採取的行動:開始重新收復你的人生版圖 你需要學會的最重要的課題,已經包含在你自己的意識裡了。這本小冊子裡,包含了十個建立在阿梵達程序的練習。它們是被設計來幫助你解開你自己的課題   特別的禮物: 阿梵達慈悲計畫卡片阿梵達慈悲計畫有一個目標,增加這個世界的慈悲含量。已經送出超過一百萬張的阿梵達慈悲卡到這個世界了,現在這個是給你的禮物!   綠化思想 現在下載你的免費阿梵達資訊組合

Avatar Information Pack – French

Posted 28 Oct

Les différences entre exister et vivre sont avoir des amis, les ressources, et une voie claire devant soi.   Plus de 100.000 personnes dans le monde emploient les outils Avatar pour créer la vie qu’ils désirent.     Votre Colis gratuit d’informations Avatar inclut: Qu’est-ce qu’Avatar?Une courte brochure qui répond… Read more

Avatar Information Pack – Portuguese

Posted 28 Oct

As diferenças entre existir ou viver são ter amigos, recursos e um caminho claro pela frente.     Mais de 100.000 pessoas em todo o mundo usam as Ferramentas Avatar para criar a vida que desejam.     Seu Pacote de Informação Avatar Grátis Inclui: O que é Avatar?Uma pequena… Read more

Avatar Information Pack – German

Posted 28 Oct

Weißt du, was fehlt? Wie kannst du deinen Lebenszweck entschlüsseln?     Über 100 000 Menschen überall auf der Welt benutzen die Avatar-Werkzeuge,um ihr Leben so zu kreieren, wie sie es sich wünschen.     Dein kostenloses Avatar-Informationspaket enthält: Was ist Avatar?Eine kleine Broschüre, die diese Fragen beantwortet: Was ist… Read more

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Posted 18 Aug

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Posted 18 Aug

Our Next Avatar Course   Avatar Geelong Connect with us for more information. Posted by Avatar Geelong on Wednesday, 10 January 2018   +61 400 956 590


Posted 18 Aug

Personal Responsibility, Compassion, Service To Others – Excerpt What are the realizations that will transform a person’s attitude from selfishness to service? What is so powerful that it is considered by all major religions as among the greatest virtues that you can practice? In this talk Harry provides insights and… Read more