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What is Avatar® brochure


What Is Avatar brochure

How can I make a difference? How can I be happy? What is enlightenment?

What Is Avatar© ? color brochure

The What Is Avatar? brochure is a full-color publication that answers the questions: What Is Avatar?, How Does Avatar Work?, What Makes Avatar Different?, Why Do I need Avatar?, What Can I Expect From The Avatar Course? Included are descriptions of Sections I, II and III, the Power Package and the Star’s Edge websites, featuring TheAvatarTimes.com and the new AvatarResults.com. There is also a blank area on the back page for you to include your personal contact information.

The What Is Avatar? brochure is sold in packs of 50 brochures.

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Excerpt from a talk by Harry

How does Avatar work?

Avatar equips you with the tools to deliberately restructure the beliefs that form the pattern of your life.

Your own beliefs are actually the most powerful forces that influence your existence. They determine what you perceive and how you perceive it. They influence your thoughts, your expectations, and your actions. They shape your personality. They even affect the outcome of your actions and the way others perceive you and respond to you.

Avatar helps you explore behind the scenes of your existence and discover the uninspected, unconsciously-held beliefs that are causing your life to be as it is.

What makes Avatar different?

Rather than presenting you with another set of beliefs to live by, Avatar awakens you to a natural ability to create and discreate beliefs. With this skill, you can restructure your life according to a blueprint that you determine.”


The What is Avatar? brochure is available in the following languages:

Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.