Helped me transform my life!

Posted 08 Dec

Dear Harry, I thank you for creating the tools that have helped me transform my life! After doing many other courses and not being able to walk away with any sense of personal responsibility, Avatar seriously holds its’ own as not being just another course. Instead it is a “life… Read more

Show me myself

Posted 08 Dec

Harry, Here is a breathtaking perspective on the experience of the Avatar course from a 17 year old who just recently did the course. “Avatar did not solve my problems. I did. Avatar did not show me myself. I did. Avatar did not scare me about what I would find… Read more

Amazing quiet!

Posted 08 Dec

Harry, My success is that I have no words and I still “know”. WOW. It is amazing quiet! Thank you so much! S van der N – Germany

Move from mind to heart!

Posted 08 Dec

Dear Harry, On the International Avatar Course we all watched your DVD “The Path To Compassion” this morning. It made it so easy for me to move from mind to heart!! I feel confident that I can stay in my heart as long as I want and travel to the… Read more

I Trust Myself

Posted 08 Dec

Dear Harry, To feel. What a gift! To let go. Another gift. Thank you! To live out my life, my struggles, my successes, my proud moments and my shameful ones, here, on The Avatar Course among these loving and compassionate people. To witness how I trust myself, what I think… Read more

Life will be a success

Posted 08 Dec

Dear Harry, I have discovered a lot about my inner self. I am astounded and amazed and very excited! I know with the tools I have learned that my life will be a success. I have met very interesting people and have learned a lot! Thank you, Kim Ohrling- USA

Away from Greed to Compassion

Posted 08 Dec

Dear Harry, As I was walking through the crowded streets of Delhi in India today, I thought of you and our Avatar friends. There is so much suffering in the world, there are a lot of children begging, people who suffer from diseases not even known in our western world… Read more

Happy , Peaceful and Successful

Posted 07 Dec

Dear Harry, Avatar is the power to be happy , peaceful and successful indefinitely. I feel too much better now. Thank you. Shahriar Kayhani- Iran