Everything that You Experience

Posted 27 Jul

Hi Harry, I just have to share this win with you. So upon hearing about an incident between my 11 year old niece and her step father I instantaneously decided that this was really the last straw. And by that I mean I was no longer going to support her… Read more

Awakening and Feeling Better

Posted 06 May

When I was introduced to The Avatar Course and the materials, I was very much isolated, numb, and experiencing a challenge in my life. I became very interested in the idea that what I believed and my thoughts could change or improve my challenging situation. At that time, local Avatar… Read more

Bringing me Peace!

Posted 04 May

Hello Harry! Good day!!! I am contacting you to share a liberating experience for me and say thank you! I always had a pattern of shame, guilt and fear and a very striking victim pattern which always led me to run away to hide me! Earlier this year, being back… Read more

Restructure Consciousness

Posted 16 Mar

When I first started Avatar in 2006, I was very backwards and inside out in the way I related to people. It amazes me that it is possible to restructure consciousness with the Avatar tools, but with a lot of work with the Avatar tools over time, I did just… Read more

His Heart Opened Up

Posted 22 Oct

Last night I met a person I had given the Compassion Card to 18 months ago. It was so touching for me to learn he had been using the Compassion Exercise frequently on his Father who is an alcoholic. He said not only had the relationship improved as his heart… Read more

Reinvent My Life

Posted 04 Aug

I had some realizations at my International Avatar Course I wanted to share. This Course is well designed and delivered… 500 people in a room, and everyone being treated with respect and caring; speaking many different languages, and all working at their own speed. I felt very well taken care… Read more

I Was On Automatic

Posted 28 Jul

People have asked me why do I keep doing Avatar courses. Here is one big reason! Before Avatar I never knew aspects of who I was that were on automatic including self-importance, my resistance, judgments, victimhood, attacking others, causing suffering, my pretense, dishonesty, and self deception. Everyone wants to conquer… Read more

I Made the Decision

Posted 28 Jul

I received an e-mail from an Avatar Master about this introductory teleseminar that was happening. I had my free session and from that one exercise I made the decision to go to Avatar. The first person I meet is a woman moving to the city where I live! This really… Read more